Chair exercise (or chair aerobics) has been added to the list of top fitness options for active health by senior lifestyle experts, and now’s the time for you to consider including it in your training plan, no matter your age.
You will enjoy this workout which is a milder, low-impact form of exercise for muscles, strength, mobility, balance and flexibility.
The class will run for 50 mins—1 hour (with breaks) and will feature sitting exercises using light weights (your choice and you can improvise with anything from ½ to 1kg equally balanced objects from your home) & stand up exercises holding on to a chair.

Thursdays 9.30am – 10.30am
9 Weeks – 4 February to 1 April

Cost: $117.00

Enrol in this course by phoning us on 9803 2335 / 0490 244 142 or email